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Podcast Episode 001: "Should I tell my boss I'm looking for another job?"

Episode 001: “Should I Tell My Boss I’m Looking for Another Job?”

That’s right. We’ve already teased this information, but it’s true.

Piggy and I stared deeply into each other’s eyes, communicated our love and dedication from a realm beyond words, pulled the condom off, and decided to make a podcast baby together. Here’s hoping it inherits her lustrous hair and my mighty wrists, which can open any jar!

Listen above—or look for Bitches Get Riches in the podcast app of your choice!

Today’s Question

When, if ever, is it good/OK to tell people you’re job hunting in your current place of employment? For example, is it ever a good/OK idea to: tell a friendly coworker, either just for moral support, or to ask them to keep an eye out for opportunities, or help you brainstorm your strengths so you can position yourself well for what’s next?

What about with a superior at your current job? Is there a useful way to bring this up in the form of negotiation to get something you want at your current job? Or does it just put you at risk to let them know you’re looking elsewhere? I have been told that in the world of academia, it’s typical to tell your institution that you’ve been invited to interview elsewhere in order to renegotiate your position. But it’s hard for me to picture doing this in working environments I’ve been in.

Special shoutout to Patreon donor V.B. for this question. And props in general to all of our Patreon donors, who gave us so much valuable feedback on our pilot episode.

Did you agree with our advice? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

2 thoughts to “Episode 001: “Should I Tell My Boss I’m Looking for Another Job?””

  1. Great first podcast! i’ve been reading the tumblr for a while now and it’s nice to have you chatting from my computer, like catching up with my older and wiser cousins ^_^

    Right now I’m firmly in camp one – I’m looking for a new job and my current boss is going to hear nothing from me until the resignation letter lands on his desk. I don’t think he’s going to be crying into his keyboard at the thought of hiring someone else – we work in the town planning sector of Australia’s fastest growing city so he won’t have any trouble finding a replacement. I have enough competition for jobs without shooting myself in the foot…

    If you are going to tell someone at work you’re looking, I would bear in mind that they might get promoted before you and suddenly the relationship changes. It’s one thing to mention to a trusted colleague, quite different if they become your supervisor and they remember you’re looking at other options. It’s also worth considering that if you DO tell your boss you’re looking and you DON’T end up getting a different job, they might remember that if retrenchment comes around. They might also call your bluff if you ask for a raise or different work arrangements later – you’ve already shown that you don’t follow through on threats, so they might feel confident that you’ll keep working there even if they refuse. On the OTHER hand industries can be fairly small and close knit and it’s not ideal to have your boss find out you’re looking for work from somebody else!

    All that sounds very disheartening, however I am super cautious about letting info like this out because of stories like Sarah’s that you mentioned. Once the secret’s out, it’s out! It also varies depending on how competitive the job market is and how confident you are about a rival offer, etc etc. If you think you can leverage the offers against each other and you’d be happy to stay in your current job if it doesn’t work out, why not try?

  2. Loved the episode and the nuanced advice. It’s such a delicate situation and tricky to account for the differences in different workplaces – I think you knocked it out of the park.

    Looking forward to more, friends.

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