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Season 2 Episode 12: "I work for everything while my peers lead carefree lives. How do I control the resentment?"

Season 2, Episode 12: “I Work for Everything While My Peers Lead Carefree Lives. How Do I Control My Raging Resentment?”

IT’S THE SEASON FINALE! And we’re ending it with a bang. Obviously by “bang” I mean a meditative quest to free oneself from the bitterness of resentment as we navigate this unjust and inequitable world. Because come on, it’s us!

The tl;dr of today’s episode is: comparison is the thief of joy.

If you’re constantly comparing yourself to your seemingly more successful, productive, and flush with cash peers, it can be majorly discouraging. We’ve talked before about why you shouldn’t hold yourself to the standard of the uber-successful, or why you shouldn’t long to splurge before you’re ready.

But one of the many, many horrible features of this global pandemic is that it’s becoming harder to avoid comparison. The internet—where we’ve all been forced to work and play while social distancing—is chock full of productivity porn and highly edited content specifically designed to make you feel like you’re not doing enough. Like you’ll never be enough.

So today on the podcast, we’re addressing how frustrating and hard it can be to stay motivated and encouraged when your peers seem to be crushing it… and you feel left behind in the dirt.

This week’s question

Today’s question comes to us from an anonymous Tumblr follower. They ask:

How do you guys keep from getting discouraged?

One of my coworkers has a daughter my age, and he’s always talking about how she’s going to Germany again, or on a cruise, or she’s got some big trip planned. It just really gets me down. I’m trying to save for school but if I save up for school then I won’t have money to travel, and if I travel then I’ll have to work minimum wage until I die.

I just hate feeling like I don’t have a choice. But it’s not like money just grows on trees…

– Anonymous Tumblr follower

For more on the topic of goals, the dangers of comparing yourself to others, and staying motivated:

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