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Got questions? Well, we almost certainly do not have answers! We float through the waters of life like capricious nixies, beguiling human men with financial tricks and deceitful advice. Know us by the wet hems of our skirts and our teeth like sharpened fishbones.

Here are some ways to get in touch.

“I just wanna say ‘I love you!'”

Darling, we love you too! People like you are exactly the reason we do what we do.

  • The best way you can thank us is by becoming a Patreon donor. BGR is radically donor-funded. If you have a couple bucks to spare, please become a patron so that we can keep doing what we do.

If you can’t afford it yet, that’s okay. We get it. Here’s a few free things you can do that help show us love.

  • Leave us a nice review in your podcast app of choice to bump us up on podcast charts!
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  • Want to share your personal story? Leave a comment with your story on any of our articles, or DM us on Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram!

“I have a question about my personal situation!”

Ask your question here! We get a lot of questions, and we can’t answer them all, but there’s a chance we’ll pick yours. Patreon donors are guaranteed an answer.

“I want to write a guest post for you!”

No thanks. We don’t do guest posts. Ever.

If you email us asking to do a guests post, we will be sad because it means that you didn’t read this. which probably also means that you didn’t read the intro paragraph at the top of the page, which I worked hard on and thought was pretty funny.

“I want to pay you to share my content!”

No thanks. If your shit is good, we’ll share it on its merits.

“I want to set up an affiliate program with you!”

We are very picky about affiliates. We are not Billy Mays, we are not here with your Hercules Hook! We will only accept if your product is so good we sincerely want to use it ourselves. If you think you might clear that bar, email us.

“I want to get y’all on my show!”

I mean, we probably want to be on your show. We’re whores for fame and free food. (There WILL be free food involved, right?) We do live speaking engagements, videos, podcasts, and guest articles. Email us.

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