The Bitch List

The Bitch List was last updated October 12, 2021.

We, your humble Bitches, are influencers. Taste makers. Trend setters. The Cool Kids™. We recognize that our opinions and whims are highly valued by Internet citizenry, which is why we’ve drawn together a list of a few of our favorite things, along with some super valuable resources. These represent our very favorite blogs, podcasts, social media follows, and financial tools.

You’re fucking welcome.

THE BITCH LIST: Our Favorite Follows

THE BITCH LIST: Amanda Holden of Dumpster Dog Blog

Amanda Holden (@dumpster.doggy)

Amanda is one of the funniest people we have ever met. Which makes her easily the funniest financial expert on the planet, because lawd that bar’s a trip hazard. Our pal Dumpy is like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos: a cravable snack that improves every party, messy and shamelessly disgusting in a way that makes her undeniably perfect.

Her main area of expertise is investing for beginners. If you’re newly financially stable and trying to figure out how to stonks real good, put down r/WallStreetBets and pick up her Invested Development online course. (We rarely rep paid classes, but hers is so thorough, useful, and genuinely entertaining that it’s worth its affordable price tag. Use promo code “BITCH” for a discount.)

THE BITCH LIST: Tori Dunlap of HerFirst100K

Tori Dunlap (@herfirst100k)

We met Tori at our very first industry event. Within twenty minutes, Piggy discreetly texted Kitty “I love her, can we adopt her as our little sister?!” We loved her enthusiasm, her honesty, her massive dorkiness, and her unstoppable confidence. And when I say confidence, I don’t mean it in the same shallow sense as many entrepreneurs (read: dick-swinging bravado). Rather, Tori’s is the kind of confidence that comes from someone deeply committed to her own continuous growth.

Since then, Tori has become an internationally lauded personal finance role model for young women. As her internet big sisters, we feel like two clown fish raising a shark. Despite its huge size, her social media empire retains a positive, community-oriented feeling. She’s kind of a big deal, and you should be following her yesterday.

THE BITCH LIST: Kara Perez of Bravely Go.

Kara Perez (@webravelygo)

There’s long been a bizarre silence around certain topics related to money, such as race, gender, politics, discrimination, and representation. With so many people peddling the “anybody can do it!” narrative, it seemed taboo to suggest that narrative was flawed. It was off-putting, to say the least. We weren’t sure we would find true community, until we started to meet people like Kara Perez.

Kara is one of our very favorite people. In part because she’s generous, honest, funny, and incredibly relatable. But it’s also because she has always been an insistent voice against that evil and unproductive silence. She is our favorite source for money education with a social justice spin. Kara specializes in dragging taboo money topics into the light. In particular, she has some of the best coverage of current events in economics, with lots of context about what the news means for normal-ass people.

THE BITCH LIST: Berna Anat of Hey Berna!

Berna Anat (@heyberna)

Berna describes herself as a “financial hype woman” and we have NEVER met someone with a more accurate self-description than that. She has more personality in her toenail clippings than most personal finance “experts” have in the body of their life’s work.

Like all of our favorite follows, Berna’s Instagram focuses a lot on heavy topics like race, class, gender, and identity. Despite that, her feed feels like a tequila-fueled dance party. And not one where you feel self-conscious, like you’re not cool enough to be there. NO. At the Hey Berna party, everyone is wanted and invited. Berna just radiates a powerful chaotic-good enthusiasm that cannot be stopped nor denied. If you need help reprogramming your brain to celebrate money instead of fearing it, she will help your ass all the way out.

THE BITCH LIST: Our Favorite Blogs

THE BITCH LIST: A Purple Life by Purple.

A Purple Life

Purple, the anonymous author of A Purple Life, started her financial journey with a plan to retire at age 35. Spoiler alert: she reached her goal early, and now lives a frugal, fulfilling life as a digital nomad.

Retiring early at 30 sounds so unrealistic and unaccessible, but we promise: Purple is a completely normal person, which is what makes her journey so fascinating. She’s completely transparent with her income, investments, and spending. So if you want some financial voyeurism that’s both aspirational yet actually attainable, this is the place for you.

THE BITCH LIST: Rich and Regular by Kiersten Saunders.

Rich & Regular

Kiersten and Julien are exactly what it says on the cover: regular folks with relatable problems working their way toward their own definition of wealth. They started their journey $200,000 in debt and uncomfortable talking about money even to each other.

Their mission is to inspire better conversations about money, and we think they do an excellent job of that.

THE BITCH LIST: Get Rich Slowly by J.D. Roth.

Get Rich Slowly

A lot of our advice is geared towards young women, because that’s what we are. (Unrelated: At what age does someone knock on your door to take the “young” part away…?) And obviously that ain’t everybody!

Our love of J.D. Roth is extensively documented. We have referred to him as our Dumbledore, our fairy godfather, our sacred drinking buddy. His wisdom truly is excellent for anyone. His writing is meditative, highly personal, and consistently gentle and encouraging, without the condescension and drill sargentry we loathe in other personal finance superstars. Best of all, it’s spread across all stages of a financial journey, from rock bottom to rock, uh… top?

THE BITCH LIST: Our Next Life by Tanja Hester.

Our Next Life

Tanja Hester is someone we have always viewed as a personal and professional role model. She’s an excellent writer, a thorough reporter, and a pillar of our community. Her award-winning blog, Our Next Life, is a thoughtful and candid portrait of Tanja’s journey to live an authentic life in accordance with her own scrupulous personal ethics.

The archives are a treasure trove for anyone, but recent content is must-read material for people approaching early retirement and anyone dealing with an invisible disability.

THE BITCH LIST: Our Favorite Podcasts

THE BITCH LIST: Paychecks and Balances by Rich Jones.

Paychecks and Balances

There are lots of personal finance podcasts with a guest interview format, so it’s hard to pick a favorite.

… Nah, I’m just playing! Rich Jones’s excellent Paychecks and Balances podcast takes the crown. Between his diverse choice of guests, wide array of topics, probing questions, and a voice like a velvet settee, the choice is easy.