Frankly, we shouldn’t need a legal disclaimer on our Ursula Fansite. Oh, wait, shit—we run a what now? An award-winning personal finance blog and podcast?! Hmm. Okay, now it makes more sense. Let’s get to it.

My legal advice is to look at this Ursula gif. It's very good.


We the Bitches aren’t experts. We’re neither fiduciaries, accountants, economists, bankers, realtors, nor anyone else with a high falutin’ education in the monetary arts. We’re normals sharing our experiences in an attempt to help our peers. So maybe don’t take our word as gospel, ok? We’re doing the best we can with the tools at our disposal.

Being non-experts, sometimes we make mistakes. Shocking, I know. All errors or inaccuracies on the site are unintentional. So if you spot a glaring inaccuracy or incorrect statement in an article, let us know and we will fix it.


All original articles and artwork published on this site are copyright, and may not be used without permission from the site owners (that’s us… the Bitches). All subsidiary rights are reserved. Mostly, like… please don’t steal our stuff. It’s time consuming to send cease and desist letters to your web host. I’d rather be smoking weed and playing video games.

Please direct all inquiries regarding subsidiary rights and permission to our very professional legal secretary who is a real person who definitely exists.


All background artwork in site banners is in the public domain and freely obtained through Wikimedia Commons. Want to know about a particular painting we’ve used? Ask away!

Links and Ads

At this time there are no affiliate links, sponsored articles, or advertisements of any kind on the site. This means when we review or endorse a product, you can be sure it’s 1000% because we dig it with a real big shovel and not because we’re being paid to like it.

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