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Stressed? Overworked? Burned out? Cooked through?! Experience the Bitches Get Riches Burnout Workshop: a comprehensive, actionable, dirt cheap video course and workbook filled with practical solutions and exercises to stop the burn and help you catch your breath. Also… it’s funny as hell! Our moms said so!

Course overview

Based on exhaustive research and hundreds of conversations with friends and readers suffering from the effects of burnout, our first-ever publicly available online course includes:

  • A full-ass movie-length video you can watch (and rewatch) at your own pace.
  • A thick and juicy 75+ page workbook crammed with exercises, personality tests, guided questions, tips, resources, and more.
  • Empirical research on what burnout is and why it’s so uniquely life-ruining.
  • Real, actionable ideas to heal yourself with no boot-licking and no bullshit.
The Burnout Workshop video preview. Ain't we cute!?

What you’ll get out of it

By taking the Burnout Workshop, we want everyone to…

  • Practice identifying the major red flags of burnout, including the three that scare us the most.
  • Understand the biological processes that make stress both harmful and beneficial.
  • Know the physiological and psychological effects burnout causes within our bodies
  • Discover the 5 personality traits that make you easier to manipulate and prone to burning out.
  • Learn to spot the 5 environmental traits that all toxic, evil, soul-sucking shitholes have in common.
  • Identify your self-sabotaging behaviors and try exercises to reverse them.
  • Develop habits, tactics, and scripts to defend yourself from toxic environments.
  • Laugh politely at our obscure references, cringey gags, and gallows humor.
  • Learn what powers you already have, and how to wield them to get what you need.
  • Stop taking personal responsibility for systemic problems.
  • Internalize the truth that it doesn’t have to be this way.
  • Walk away with concrete plans for change.

The workshop is designed to be self-guided, so you can proceed through the lessons and exercises at your own pace. At the end you’ll feel like a burning torch that has just been plunged into the sea: your burn quenched, your mind soothed, your steam very cinematic and cool-looking!

In addition to the course, you’ll also receive a workbook filled with exercises and a list of further reading.

The Burnout Workshop Workbook preview.

We worked hard on this course for months with the help of our producer Ducky and the support of our dedicated Patreon donors. We’re insanely proud of it, and we really hope it helps you out. Go forth and conquer, unburnt!


I feel like it’s talking specifically to me. Chef’s kiss, perfection. I love that it’s still your signature blog and podcast sound.

– Josh

Thank you very much for this workbook. I had to leave my job in October because of burnout in a toxic environment. Going through this workbook was a bit tough. But one thing I kept noticing was the activities you mentioned. I keep nodding along because I remember doing all of these steps. Ultimately, the environment wasn’t going to change, so I needed to. Thank you for the reminder of boundaries and creating power within me. While I’m still trying to find a new path forward, this is definitely going to be a guide and warning of what to look out for.

– Wendy

LOVE the discussion about how financial self-care can be in opposition to the other types [of self-care]. It was one of those breakthrough moments when someone says something that you never thought of before but makes everything else make so much sense.