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Episode 004: “Capitalism Is Working for Me. So How Could I Hate It?”

Our podcast question today is on the topic of wealth, privilege, and g-g-g-g—

No, not ghosts! It’s g-g-g-guilt!

Specifically: rich white lady guilt! OooOOoooOOOO!

But don’t be afraid. Piggy and I are both ex-Catholics. Whatever kind of guilt you have, we can slice and dice it into bite-sized chunks with the studied grace of a teppanyaki chef.

Today’s question

“As a progressive person and someone who is starting to get into a pretty good place financially (have an emergency fund, bought a home a few years ago, paid off credit card debts), I’ve started feeling so guilty! It probably doesn’t help that I work in finance too. I don’t like capitalism but I’m working it the way I’m ‘supposed’ to. How do I feel less guilty for making myself financially healthy?”

I regret that this podcast was recorded before I could reference this joyful ~*cUrReNt eVeNtzZz*~ example of wealthy, comfortable people proving they’re still values-driven hippies at heart.

All thanks to our Patreon donors for bringing this episode to the world. And for voting Oreos as our next store brand food review. Hold on to your butts—your answer is on its way!

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6 thoughts to “Episode 004: “Capitalism Is Working for Me. So How Could I Hate It?””

      1. Yes, transcripts, please! I know your time and energy is limited and will understand if this doesn’t make the cut. But it’s something I so appreciate about the Mad Fientist. It’s a great step toward accessibility.

  1. Thank you so much for this. I’m a leftist who’s pretty close to attaining FIRE and I beat myself up about it constantly. This was what I needed to hear, and I feel it’s given me new focus possibly for after I FIRE.

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