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Podcast Episode 007: "I'm terrible at budgeting. Do I suck it up---or is there another way?"

Episode 007: “I’m Terrible at Budgeting. Do I Suck It Up—Or Is There Another Way?”

Today we’re doing that thing we love to do: taking age-old advice, rolling it up into a ball, and dunking it with the speed and grace of a green-screened figure.

You don’t have to budget to live a frugal, responsible life.

Today’s question

We tackle this topic at the behest of Patron Sarah C., who writes…

“How the HELL does someone stick to a budget? I have ADHD and self control and budgeting is already hard as is, so if you have any tips or tricks to help a gal stay in a budget (especially a very stringent one!) that would be neat :)”

Also today’s episode contains a bold-faced lie. In it, I swore I would never bring a chicken to the vet. This was recorded before my favorite chicken got sick. And I contemplated the enormous sacrifice she made laying an egg for us every single day, and I…

Brought her to an emergency avian specialist…

At great expense…

What can I say? I am as lava cake: crackly exterior, gushy interior.

As always, all thanks for this episode go to our loyal, amazing Patreon donors, especially Sarah C., who asked this question. If you would like to ask us a question on the podcast, head on over to Patreon!

5 thoughts to “Episode 007: “I’m Terrible at Budgeting. Do I Suck It Up—Or Is There Another Way?””

    1. She did not. But it gave us peace of mind to know that nothing more could be done. Made it much easier to enjoy our last few weeks with her.

  1. So I am pretty sure I have ADHD too (side question: are there any real advantages to being diagnosed as adult that you don’t get from just assuming and doing things to compensate?) and I was never able to stick to a budget either until I was earning more than I needed.

    But I use a flexible budget (ynab) that lets me move money around at will, but keeps in front of me the things I know I have to pay for like car rego and patreon payments. Again, I don’t think it would really work if I had less money than I need, but you never know.

    And to go back to an older article, 1 vote for job hopping. I increased my salary by $25k in 2 years by job hopping. An increase they were never going to just give me as a raise. It was good to read your article and see the old wisdom of job hopping = bad debunked.

  2. I’m sure I’ll write more about my experience in the future, but YES, I highly recommend seeking a diagnosis. I suspect there are a LOT Of very successful adult women who’ve spent decades willpowering / white-knuckling their way through ADHD symptoms.

    + Untreated ADHD can exacerbate anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.
    + Diagnosed ADHD is covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act, so you get workplace protections.
    + A proper test will establish a benchmark of cognitive function while you’re young and healthy, which is very handy if you start to notice memory issues or other declining functions as you age.
    + The social media groups for adult women with ADHD rock, and have many quality memes.
    + My productivity has skyrocketed with just a bitsy-baby 5mg dose of Adderall

    To be honest, it took me some time to work through unhappy/complicated feelings about being diagnosed. But now that I’m past that, this new information about myself feels like a gift. It’s validating as hell. Consider this a preview of some near-future post!

  3. I’m a huge fan, and I’m pretty sure over the last year or so of being a huge fan (and subscribed) that I’ve now read all of your blog and scrolled through most of your tumblr! Podcasts are very difficult for me to listen to because I’m HOH and while I absolutely understand expanding into wider audiences and that some content may not be available in forms I can access, I was wondering if you have the episodes available or will have them available in transcript form anywhere?

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