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Episode 009: MERRY BITCHMAS! The 2019 Star-Studded Holiday Spectacular

Bonus Episode: Merry Bitchmas! The 2019 Star-Studded Holiday Spectacular

Today’s podcast episode is brought to you by the reason for the season: Bitchmas. Second only to Candlenights in the pantheon of winter holidays, Bitchmas is a time to gather your loved ones, exchange hyperbolic gifts, and rally the troops for economic equality and social justice.

No questions shall be answered in the Bitchmas episode (except perhaps “What will these lunatics think up next?”), but we promise it’ll be worth it. We’ve got shout-outs to our patrons! Odes to the finest bitches in personal finance media! Gifts for all and sundry! And… a very special guest!

This year has been heckin’ great here at Bitches Get Riches Dot Com. We launched our Etsy store full of swag and printable worksheets. We started a podcast for your listening enjoyment. We were profiled in The New York Fucking Times.

But most importantly, we were humbled beyond words by the support of our readers—and now, our listeners too! When Kitty and I decided to yammer about money on the interwebz, we never dreamed we’d gather an audience of brilliant, glamorous, inspiring humans hell-bent on adulting their way into a better world.

And yet here you are, and we couldn’t love you more. But we sure as hell will try! Our shriveled, prune-like hearts are weeping in gratitude.

Which is why it’s time for (drumroll please)…


We strongly believe that self-care should be mandatory. Everyone needs a break from time to time! So we’re practicing what we preach by taking two weeks off from BGR for some R&R.

If you miss us, simply imagine us lounging on a tropical beach somewhere, Kitty shaded by an umbrella and swaddled in a nineteenth-century bathing costume, while we sip mai tais out of coconuts. Adorable puppies frolic at our feet and large, strikingly beautiful Amazons keep the paparazzi at bay.

We promise to return better, faster, and stronger than ever in just two weeks! In the meantime… merry Bitchmas, ya filthy animals.

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