Ask the Bitches: I can't stand another day at my toxic workplace! Can I walk away without a new job lined up?"

Bonus Episode: “I Can’t Stand Another Day at My Toxic Workplace! Can I Walk Away Without a New Job Lined Up?”

We come to you today with a VERY SPECIAL EPISODE™ of the Bitches Get Riches podcast. And it features a VERY SPECIAL GUEST™: Diania Merriam, owner and founder of theEconoMe Conference!

The question

As you guys know, we rarely have guests on the Bitches Get Riches podcast (unless they’re Santa Claus, of course). It’s a lot of pressure to keep up with our 15-year-long friendship of inside jokes and internalized poor taste. We can’t inflict that on just anyone.

But Diania is exactly the sort of brave bitch we knew could handle the challenge. And she’s got some personal experience with the question at hand! So we welcomed her onto the podcast to answer this question from an anonymous listener:

I work in an extremely toxic work environment. My boss is disrespectful, the whole company culture is abusive, and HR has been utterly dismissive of my issues. Walking in the door every morning feels like I’m entering Shawshank Penitentiary. I’m at the end of my rope and I know I have to leave to save myself. But I haven’t been able to land a new job yet. I have some savings, but I’m definitely not financially independent. I’d describe it as a small amount of ‘Fuck You Money,’ but not enough to live on for more than maybe 4-6 months. Should I quit? Even before I have a new job lined up?

– An anonymous Tumblr follower

Diana floored us with a bunch of great insights. (Did you know if you quit your job because of a hostile work environment, you’re still entitled to collect unemployment? We freakin’ didn’t! Huh, I wonder why workplaces don’t mention that fact more often?) Tune in to listen to the three of us discuss the answer.

The EconoMe Conference

Think of EconoMe as a party for money nerds. And think of us as your jell-o shot girls, but like, classier. We intend to be edutainment personified!

What: A two-day party about money, featuring inspirational and provocative speakers such as ~*our humble selves.*~

When: Saturday, November 13th & Sunday, November 14th, 2021, with COVID-19 backup dates for March 19th and 20th, 2022.

Where: At the beautiful University of Cincinnati, on the sandy beaches beside the sparkling, crystalline waters of the Ohio River, in the tropical paradise of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Check out all the details right here.

You guys are ok, but who else will be there?

Did we mention we’re not just attending EconoMe, we’re speaking? Like, on a stage? With microphones and everything? There might even be a musical number. Still working out the choreography.

But if a lecture by your humble Bitches isn’t enough to tempt you, consider this: Kiersten Saunders from rich & REGULAR will be there! Along with our #1 money-minded girl crush, Paula Pant of Afford Anything! And Rich Jones (let’s be honest, his voice alone is worth the cost of admission)! And the Bitches Get Riches fairy godfather himself, J.D. Roth! Plus many more.

All of which is to say: if you’re tired of listening to us talk money at you, listen to these other people talk money at you for a change.

But there’s a plague???

Sigh… Yeah.

Obviously, the situation with COVID-19 is changing on a daily basis. We are extraordinarily unqualified to crunch ever-evolving data about how safe large gatherings will be, for an event that’s still several months in the future. Like, we’re barely qualified to pet-sit for a hermit crab. That decision is above our pay grade. So we’re bunting the call to the people most qualified to make it: the CDC.

For now, we’re making a choice to hope for the best. We’re satisfied that the conference organizers are doing everything in their power to make a conference of this scale as safe as it can be.

Relative to other conferences, EconoMe is expected to be fairly intimate. Attendees arerequired to wear masks at all times, even if they are fully vaccinated. The conference space is very large,with plenty of space for social distancing. And if the situation evolves to the point where the conference cannot be held safely, there is a planned backup date of March 19th and 20th, 2022. Given all the unknowns, that seems like a pretty good plan to us.

Piggy and I are fully vaccinated, and want the same for everyone else. If you are unvaccinated, we don’t want you to come to EconoMe. Don’t risk your health just to see us in person. We’re not that cute.

Want discounted tickets to EconoMe?

Dedicated citizens of Bitch Nation can order their tickets right here. Enter code BITCHESGETRICHES for a 10% discount off your ticket price. Think of it as a reward for reading this far, since we forgot to mention it in the show. (Oops.)

Moar podcast pls

We’re releasing thisVERY SPECIAL EPISODE™ as a way to tease the new season of the podcast. That’s right, Bitchlings: season 3 of the Bitches Get Riches podcast is dropping real fucking soon! So re-up your subscription and dust off your ear buds. We know it’s been a spell since season 2 (see above re: deadly global pandemic).

You can listen to all three seasons of the Bitches Get Riches podcast wherever you prefer to download podcasts. And if you like it and you want us to do more, then consider donating to our Patreon! We have only two episodes left to record this season, and we’re choosing Patreon questions for both of them. So there’s still time to hear us answer your question on the show!

4 thoughts to “Bonus Episode: “I Can’t Stand Another Day at My Toxic Workplace! Can I Walk Away Without a New Job Lined Up?””

  1. Yes, I want to see Bitch Nation take over EconoMe! I’m definitely going to be there (as myself, not Santa Claus) and I’m looking forward to this being even more fun than last year (best weekend of 2020, though the competition was scarce)

  2. Bitches, I’m so thrilled to see y’all are putting out podcast eps!! Is this a teaser for a new upcoming season of BGR? Please say yes!

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