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S2 E5: "What do I need to know about moving into my first apartment?"

Season 2, Episode 5: “What Do I Need to Know about Moving into My First Apartment?”

It is Bitches Get Riches canon that Kitty and I met when we were randomly assigned roommates freshman year of college. We bonded through the adversity of cohabiting in a forced triple with an infuriating third party who shall forever remain nameless. The two of us shared a bunkbed and ceded one entire half of the room to that creature’s baffling habits and excessive belongings. I won’t go into it except to quote General William Tecumseh Sherman: “War is hell.”

Yet BGR lore rarely tells the end of the story! For after that fateful freshman year, we went on to rent our first apartment together, taking our roommateship to the next level. Nothing tests a friendship like shopping for a shower curtain together.

We survived our fourth-floor walkup with its busted dollhouse dishwasher and coffin-like shower. But more importantly, our friendship survived.

And thus, we feel uniquely qualified to dispense advice on Baby’s First Apartment!

This week’s question

Today’s question comes to us from Patreon supporter Aidan. Aidan asks:

Hello. I have been a longtime follower of your blog, but now I’m in need of financial advice so here I am. I have been researching throughout the internet and all, but there isn’t enough information about getting a first apartment. Like, what type of hidden costs or whatever are important to know about in regards to getting an apartment? How much money will I end up spending in the initial months of moving into an apartment? What type of things do you wish you knew before moving into your first apartment? Advice is much appreciated, thank you for taking time to answer this question.

– Patron Aidan

It’s like someone sent up our Bat Signal.

For more of our very knowledgeable thoughts and opinions on the matter of apartments and moving out for the first time:

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*Forgive me, but I cannot promise I will never use the words “special sauce” and “cum” in the same sentence again on this blog.

2 thoughts to “Season 2, Episode 5: “What Do I Need to Know about Moving into My First Apartment?””

  1. Can I just add to this fountain of wisdom you so kindly exploded with*?

    When you’re renting for the first time, check stuff that seems obvious to you. Especially if you’re moving far away from where you grew up, because stuff that is obvious in your home town might not be obvious half a world away. File under: I grew up in a place where the majority of housing in use was built in the 1970 or later, and therefore managed to get to the ripe old age of 30 without ever seeing a place without heating in the bathroom. But then I moved very far away, to a place where there is A LOT of old housing, and while viewing an apartment, it didn’t occur to me to check if there was a heater in the bathroom. In my brain, there was ALWAYS a heater in the bathroom. Spoiler alert: there wasn’t. And I didn’t realize until moving in date. Living there through the winter was exactly the amount of fun you’d anticipate.

    *The mental image brought to you directly by the “special sauce” line, I’m afraid.

    1. Thanks for this! I’m not living in mi first apartment but definitely the worse one so far. Sound isolation is inexistant and I just can’t deal
      With all the noise from my neighbors anymore… so hopefully when moving in a few months I’ll be more lucky and won’t forget to check sound isolation! :).

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