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Season 2 Episode 9: "I Volunteer in My Free Time. Should I Focus on Making Money Instead?"

Season 2, Episode 9: “I Use My Free Time to Volunteer. Should I Focus on Making Money Instead?”

You’re employed. You’re making enough money to live on and putting a little away for the future. And you’re filling your free time with stuff you find enjoyable and fulfilling.

… but is it enough?

This week we handle the nagging feeling that you should be doing more with your time. It’s hard to fight against the advice that you need a second income stream, the coveted “side hustle”, even when in reality you’re doing just fine. It’s all tied into that most frightening of the coronavirus pandemic’s side effects: productivity porn.

And if that wasn’t enough terror, we slip in a real palm-sweaty story about that one time




This week’s question

Today’s letter comes to us from Tumblr follower DefineValidCharacters. They ask:

Hello Bitches. I currently have a full-time job that doesn’t pay the best but it’s enough to support my lifestyle. I also volunteer around twenty hours a week, sometimes more. The volunteering is really rewarding and I enjoy every second, but I’m wondering if that time would be better spent getting a second job or learning a new skill to improve my finances?

Tumblr follower DefineValidCharacters

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One thought to “Season 2, Episode 9: “I Use My Free Time to Volunteer. Should I Focus on Making Money Instead?””

  1. Thank you so much for saying out loud how much time it takes to develop a side hustle… So, I like to crochet sometimes. I’m not super good at it, but at this point, the stuff I make is wearable without embarrassment. I am SO FUCKING TIRED of explaining to my friends why I don’t sell my stuff on Etsy.

    Yarn is expensive. It blows my mind how expensive yarn is. It costs me more to buy yarn for a sweater than it would cost me to buy that sweater in a store. I still do it for myself and my girlfriend, because 1) it’s fun to loop shiny strands of sheep hair together; 2) the durability is out of this world. I still make little things as gifts for friends, because I think gifts like that are quite special. But given how expensive materials are and how slowly I work, I’d probably make something like £2 an hour for selling a handmade hat, and that just makes me mad. Some things are just not worth doing for money, even if they are worth doing just for yourself.

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