{ MASTERPOST } Everything You Need to Know about How to Pay off Debt

{ MASTERPOST } Everything You Need to Know about How to Pay off Debt

You’ve passed the trials. You’ve fought hard and won your place among the champions. At long last, it is time to be inducted into the Secret Society. Which secret society, you ask? It’s a secret.

As you take your place among the robed and hooded figures in this subterranean chamber, you know not what to expect. They are lit only by the flames of an ancient fire.

One by one, the hooded figures raise their arms to the stalactites above and intone:

Let us pay off debt, brothers and sisters!

Elmo amid the flames, presumably chanting "pay off debt."

Darling readers, debt fucking happens. Having debt doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, nor that you’re lazy or stupid. But it is something you’ll have to work hard to get past. So here is our collected advice on the subject of how to pay off debt.

Go forth and conquer, for you are soon to be debt-free!

Understanding debt:

Paying off debt:

Student loan debt:

Avoiding debt:

The Bitches vs. debt:

That’s all for now! We try to update these masterposts periodically, so check back for more in… a couple… months??? Maybe????

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a practical tool to help you pay off debt, check out our Debt Visualization Coloring Book. It’s available for $5 at our Etsy store, and it comes with helpful tips and tricks for tackling debt, as well as a handy debt pay-off calculator.

Kitty designed it to help pay off her own debt, so it’s not just Bitch-created… it’s Bitch-tested and Bitch-approved!

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