Hide your wives! The bitches are going to Ecuador.

DON’T Join Us for the 2020 Financial Independence Chautauqua

The 2020 Financial Independence Chautauqua has been canceled due to an international shortage of toilet paper the coronavirus pandemic. So the Bitches will NOT be going to Ecuador. We’re super bummed, but Cheryl has made the right decision by canceling this year’s event for everyone’s safety. Stay tuned for news about the chautauqua in 2021! We repeat: THE BITCHES ARE NOT GOING TO ECUADOR.

Throughout our illustrious career as the owners and proprietors of Bitches Get Riches, we the titular Bitches have become infamous for many things: berating you for throwing away your leftovers; trying desperately to appear young and hip yet betraying our ages with 1990s pop culture references; causing mass “language warnings” whenever our content is shared; arguing viciously over cheese crackers; and holding court at the hotel pool during personal finance conferences.

Yet there is one feather we have yet to add to our ostentatious hats: we are not yet widely known for speaking engagements.

Brace yourselves, for all of that is about to change.

Come see us talk in Ecuador of all places!

We’ve been invited to speak at the 2020 Financial Independence Chautauqua this August 29th to September 5th in Ecuador! AND YOU CAN COME TOO!

The FI Chautauqua was started in 2013 by J. L. Collins and Cheryl Reed. It’s a week-long retreat for forward-thinking humans to discuss the path to financial independence and—more importantly—what comes after. There are presentations, break-out sessions, discussions, tours of the incredible natural landscape and indigenous culture of Ecuador, along with plenty of time to shoot the shit and compare notes with your fellow travelers.

Since its inception, the retreat has hosted some of the finest minds in money nerdery waxing both philosophical and instructional about the finer points of financial independence, money management, and life.

Past speakers have included space mermaid and human inspiration dispenser Paula Pant; the mysterious yet whimsical Mad Fientist; the sparkling singularity known as Jesse Mecham of You Need A Budget; our sexy Gandalf himself, J. D. Roth; and the original bikevangelist and Man Who Can Do a Better Pool Cannonball Than Kitty, Mr. Money Mustache. Fucking nerdy, money-obsessed rockstars, all of them.

(Yet for some reason they’re adding us mere mortals to the roster this year. Clearly the Chautauqua has fallen on hard times.)

Why should you go?

Let’s assume that the stunning waterfalls, rugged mountains, tropical forests, and indigenous arts of Ecuador aren’t enough of a draw for you. Let’s also assume that for some reason, you don’t find the prospect of listening to the dulcet tones of the Bitches’ voices enough of an incentive to go. Lastly, let’s assume you hate fun and neglected to grow a soul during childhood.

Allow me, therefore, to dangle a few carrots in front of your sad and deprived nose:

Tanja Hester

Internationally renowned as the woman who wears aubergine hair the best, Tanja is the blogger behind the early retirement blog Our Next Life. She’s also the author of Work Optional and the presenter of the Big Idea Talk at the 2019 FinCon. Hers is a presentation not to be missed.

Cheryl Reed

Not only is Cheryl Reed the cofounder of the FI Chautauqua, but she’s a living and breathing testament to the philosophy of financial independence and doing some gd good in this world. Cheryl will take you gently by the hand and lead you down the path of FI like a benevolent yet alluring wood nymph.

J. D. “Bitches Get Riches is my favorite blog” Roth

Rounding out the lineup of speakers is our friend and benefactor, J. D. Roth of Get Rich Slowly. J. D. has attended the Chautauqua multiple times to give his now famous speech on the connection between money and meaning. It’s fucking life-changing.

The exchange of ideas

According to past attendees, one of the best parts of the FI Chautauqua is the opportunity to meet with people who have similar financial goals. You’ll have the chance to learn from these bad-asses and discuss money strategies with them. There’s something about being surrounded by a community of optimistic, intelligent, adventurous, and thoughtful people that I find personally motivating… and I’d bet a cold beer in Quito you will too.

Just to drive the point home, here are some reflections from attendees on past Chautauquas (Chatauquae? Chautauqui? This is beyond even my considerable editorial powers.):

  • Millennial Boss: “[The 2015 Chautauqua was] a defining moment in my life.”
  • The Frugal Humanist: “Truly an exceptional value for memories of a lifetime!”
  • Max Out of Pocket: “I learned something from every single person I met on the trip.”
  • J. L. Collins: “That first Chautauqua, and each one since, has attracted remarkable, interesting and engaging people.”
  • J. D. Roth: “The only thing that could’ve made last year’s FI Chautauqua better is if the Bitches had been there.”*

And yes, if there’s a body of water, we will hold court near it, bedecked in stylish sunglasses and bathing suits that make us look like a Star Trek villain and an awkward tan line waiting to happen, respectively.

*While Mr. Roth did not actually speak these words aloud, we’re sure he thought them.

Here’s how to register

Register for your spot at the 2020 FI Chautauqua in Ecuador here.

In addition to the usual festivities from August 29th to September 5th, this year the event will feature a women-only week from August 22nd to August 29th. You can sign up for both weeks or just one, but we won’t be doing our thang until week two.

Guys… we really hope you join us if you can. And not just so we can talk at you while pretending we know what we’re doing.

One of the most valuable parts of writing in the personal finance space is the community, the camaraderie. Every time we’re surrounded by our fellow money nerds, adulting enthusiasts, and personal finance bloggers, we emerge rejuvenated and brimming with new ideas and inspiration for helping our readers, our communities, and ourselves.

We want that for you too.

Join us in Ecuador this August, and bring your shades… because it’s gonna get hot.

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