Season 1, Episode 5: “I Don’t Love My Job, but It Pays Well. Should I Quit—or Tough It Out?”

Today’s podcast question comes to us from Patreon donor Rachel. She’s in a good situation overall: stable, paying down debt quickly, and gainfully employed as an engineer.

But her feelings about engineering overall are, mmm… tepid.

Shall we slap her for even considering leaving a lucrative and in-demand field? Or shall we kiss her on both cheeks and push her off the gravy train? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Today’s question

“I’m an engineer, I’ve been working for five years, and I don’t think it’s something I’ve ever truly been passionate about. My experiences have made me realize just how much I love project management. That can be done as an engineer, yes, but those jobs are fewer and more far in between.

“I’m thinking of branching out, but honestly, I’m scared. What if I don’t like it? What if I can’t get back into the engineering field once I’ve been gone for so long? The job I have now (along with my wife’s) gives us ample salaries that allow us to save and pay down debt like crazy. I can’t say that the security of those salaries isn’t alluring, though I hate to be tied to a job just because of the money.

“I don’t want to fuck myself over in the long run. I want to ‘retire’ early and spend my life doing the things I love. But I also don’t want to be unhappy at work. Please send help. 🙏”

All thanks to our Patreon donors, especially Rachel, who asked us this question, which is meaty and full of delicious umami flavors!

9 thoughts to “Season 1, Episode 5: “I Don’t Love My Job, but It Pays Well. Should I Quit—or Tough It Out?””

  1. Ha, I clicked through to this blog post specifically to say I’m a reader, not a listener. I don’t want a transcript so much as: this is a great topic and I would love to read your take on it!

    Another blog post that might be interesting is how you decide to do podcast vs blog post, and what’s in it for you from a content-creation perspective. (I mean, in short, why are you trying to make me listen to something???)


  2. AHHH I CAN’T WAIT TO LISTEN!!! – Rachel, the crazy engineer who considered leaving the gravy train.

    (SPOILER ALERT: I didn’t leave and I found a new job where I am both an engineer and doing more project management!)

    1. So I finally got a moment today to listen, and I just have to say: you guys are the absolute best. I am now going to strive everyday to live up to my new title of Exploding Supernova of Glitter and Confetti™.

      Thank you guys so, so, so, SO much for your advice. I was in a very unsatisfying job, and honestly, very depressed without realizing it. If you’d like to hear more of my story, read below! If not, the TLDR is in my first comment above!

      My wife and I decided to move back home to KY (had been in WI), and I stumbled upon the perfect job to start transitioning into project management. Literally stumbled, because I didn’t even apply for it but my boss saw my resume from another job I had applied for at the same company and wanted me. I was hired within 2 weeks!

      I am now a Supplier Quality Engineer (SQEs), but I deal more with new program introduction than I do the firefighting style of quality engineering. In short: a LOT more project management. And I’m really fucking good at it, too. I also get to travel a ton and have more of a liaison type role between my suppliers and the SQEs that interact with the manufacturing plants daily. This also lends itself to more project and people management!!! Oh, and I get to talk on the phone like, 50% of my day and Idk if you can tell, but I love to talk!

      I also now have a boss who not only sees the potential in me, but actively strives to develop me where he knows I want to go. He recognized early on that I like the program stuff, and we’ve now identified that my next role will likely be one within program management. So, slowly but surely, I’m finding my way to make that jump into a project manager of engineers.

      You guys are amazing, and I absolutely love the both of you to pieces!! Keep up the great work with the podcast! I love that the episodes are short and sweet and to the point, but incorporate some of you all just talking about random stuff. Super entertaining!

  3. Clicked the topic because I’m in the same situation – a job that is just a little too stable to walk away from. I think you covered it really well! Became a Patreon donor when you said “My Dotage is Nigh” and I laughed out loud.

  4. For the transcript requesters – I love the podcasts and I love the blogs but they are really two different species – I’m not sure the chilled chatting of the podcast would work verbatim, especially if you’re comparing it to the crafted gif-filled genius of the blog. If I was smarter and less hungover I’d have some kind of genius Harry Potter metaphor here, or something about Legolas and Gimli having different strengths in battle but I can’t and that why we should probably stump up the patreon cash and pay these ladies the big bucks to do it for us…

  5. If you make the audio files downloadable, I can feed them into Descript and get an editable rough transcript that would be easier to polish.

  6. you could also have something like dictation on mac running during the recording with a word/pages doc open and then just copy-paste it! it won’t be perfect but it gets the point across.

    1. We’d love to do it! Our challenge is time :< We're both still working full-time jobs, so between writing posts, recording/editing podcasts, and manning our social media accounts, there just isn't time to add transcripts into the mix right now. There are some automated transcription tools, but they aren't perfect. We've noticed that lots of our jokes don't land well in written format, as it's hard to infer sarcasm. And ums--so many ums! We really need a human editor to go in and clean the scripts up. And that's something we could only afford if we get more Patreon donors.

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