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"Should I believe the fear-mongering about another recession?"

Episode 12: “Should I Believe the Fear-Mongering about Another Recession?”

Today we conclude season one of the Bitches Get Riches podcast. Because twelve is a lovely number. So flexible, so inviting. Two digits, but still approachable. It’ll divide by two, three, four, six… you know. Whatever! Twelve goes with the flow. It’s pansexual, it works from home, and we stan it.

Season one was a labor of love. We scripted, recorded, and edited it ourselves. Piggy even wrote and recorded our opening song. (YES! That’s Piggy singing and self-harmonizing! Thank you for respecting her Rennaisance Personhood!) It was definitely the endeavor that pushed BGR from “time-intensive hobby” into “second full-time job” territory. Which is why we’re taking a short break. But we think it was worth it, and we hope you do too!

Our final question of season one comes from Patreon donor Madi (thank you, dearie!), who wants to know…

Today’s question

“Should I believe the fear-mongering about a possible recession?”

We referenced a few of our articles in this episode. Here’s further reading for our overachieving and/or prepper readers (two demographics we love and hold dear):

Get your question onto season two

We are currently collecting questions for next season! So if you’ve never submitted a question before, now is an excellent time to do it! We take questions from everyone… but Patreon donors get their questions moved to the top of the pile, wink wink! No question is too big, too small, or too filled with complicated friend-and-family drama. We want to cover the broadest range of topics we can under the umbrella of finance, feminism, and fuck-not-givery.

In recognition of the crucial role our supporting donors played in sponsoring the podcast, we’re also adding two new Patreon rewards. Everyone who donates $4 or more also gets their name read on the show. $12 or more gets your name on the show with an original hand-crafted artisanal compliment.

… Which is guaranteed to be factually true! We don’t need to meet you to know—for example—that you have strong, shiny hair and the scientific literacy needed to understand the whole brontosaurs/allosaurus controversy. We can just tell, okay? Trust us.

Please note: we have added a Patreon goal for providing transcripts! Auto-transcription tools leave much to be desired. To make readable and high-quality show summaries, we really need a human editor. So if you want transcripts, please become a patron.

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