{ MASTERPOST } Everything You Need to Know about Getting a Job, Raise, or Promotion

{ MASTERPOST } Everything You Need to Know about Getting a Job, Raise, or Promotion

You were told never to enter the crypt… told that the sacred knowledge buried there would break the minds of the weak-willed. You were told… and you disobeyed.

Now, as you creep your way forward, guttering torch in hand, you wonder if you’ve made a fatal error. The cobwebs hang thick before you, obscuring your view down the dank and musty corridor. As you descend into darkness, your courage wanes, your resolve falters. Perhaps you are not ready for the secrets buried within the Crypt of the Bitchy Ones. Perhaps no one is…

For in this ancient sepulcher lies the key to all career wisdom, the key to getting ahead and navigating the workplace as smoothly as a serpent along the dusty stones your feet now tread. And no matter the risk, no matter what haunts the hidden crypt, you will not stop until you have attained this knowledge.

When at last you enter the cavernous tomb, your torch illuminates an ancient stone plinth. Upon it rests a dusty tome. You open its cracked leather cover and begin to read…

Welcome, fellow traveler!

One of the most important factors in your path to financial independence (or at least stability) is your income. Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and a trust fund worth a tidy million or two… that means you’re going to have to work for your money.

We Bitches know about work. We’ve been cogs in the machine of production and profit for years now! And as depressing as that sounds, what it means is that we’ve both learned a thing or three about navigating the job market.

This means job hopping when necessary, competing for promotions, and yes (OH BOY, HERE COMES MY OLDEST FRIEND, ANXIETY), even asking for a raise once in a while.

We want to share that knowledge with you. It’s what we’re here for! So below is our complete catalog of knowledge on getting a job, getting a raise, getting a promotion, and staying sane at work.

Use it wisely.

Getting a job:

Freelancing and side jobs:

Workplace benefits:

Getting a raise and negotiating salary:

Getting a promotion:

Working remotely

We will periodically update this list with newer articles. And by “periodically” I mean “when we remember that it’s something we forgot to do for four months.”

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5 thoughts to “{ MASTERPOST } Everything You Need to Know about Getting a Job, Raise, or Promotion”

  1. Thank you so much “My Secret Weapon for Preparing for Awkward Boss Confrontations” the timing is perfect. Have to ask my current Boss for a reference for the job I am hoping to leave the organization for. Love my current Boss but the organization, while always on the toxic side, has become unbearable in the last year. Think drifting to become the next Fyre Festival, and while I hope they correct course – I would prefer not to be a part of the path.

  2. Just keep in mind: the easiest way to get a higher salary is to switch jobs, and the best time to switch jobs is when your industry is booming and employers are desperate.

  3. Won’t that come in handy real soon. Time for my almost-19-year-old-from-an-honestly-terrible-household-which’s-parents-have-a-grand-total-of-five-bread-crumbs-as-braincells-each self to give herself some “me time” with these fancy lookin articles. (That is, when my credit card gets activated. Til then i’m stuck reading. Gives me time to plan, at least). Thanks yall

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